Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

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I like writing in second-person narrative. I've utilized it in fanfic, original fic, and poetry with generally positive responses. I'm stuck in the mud with Radium Girl, and I've never used it for non-fiction, nor have I heard of it being utilized very often in the genre (though I'm more than happy to acknowledge my ignorance if anyone knows of any examples), so I'm experimenting.

Go forth, my little lab rats. Eat this tainted cheese and let me pick your brains. This is a super-short segment from the first (of three) sections in Radium Girl that I've rewritten in second-person, so it's pretty rough, but before I go ahead and do a large-scale rewrite, I would love some insight. 

I'm concerned that it just doesn't work in a non-fiction narrative. Is it weird to be writing about myself and referring to myself as "you?" Is it a cop-out? I'm particularly worried about it being a cop-out because when I write about the really shitty times, I find it much easier to write about it with a buffer between us. Then again, maybe this just an elaborate way for me to write about the bad things I've done without actually taking responsibility for them? 

This actually isn't a dark segment though, so don't worry. The angst is at a minimum. I don't even cuss in this segment. (I know, crazy, right?)  This is just a quick and dirty rewrite for the sake of driving the shiny new narrative around. 

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