Monday, March 21st, 2011

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So, I'm still going to stalk priceline and orbitz and all the other websites, but I've tried Amtrak and Megabus, had a brief flirtation with Greyhound, and even given the scary discount air carriers a shot and it looks like I'm going to drive. 

Megabus would have actually been sweet, but you can't go west from Pittsburgh. Why? Megabus, I think this is a pretty severe flaw in your network. Please to be fixing it? Because once I move to Kzoo, it would be really awesome to know that I can come home for the weekend for about fifteen bucks and totally spend that time vegetating on the internet on one of your sweet sweet double-decker buses. Just sayin'. 

Anyway, as soon as I mentioned to Owen, "I think I'm just going to drive," he says, "Ok. Oh. I should probably tell you that between taking the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan turnpikes...your tolls are going to be around sixty dollars."

Great. So, sixty dollars on top of the one-hundred-and-sixty for gas (assuming gas isn't $4/gallon by then) and suddenly that air fare looks more reasonable. 

Except I can work around tolls. I mean, I have a sad love affair with the Ohio and Pennsylvania turnpikes (I am quite the rest-stop connoisseur and no, I don't like the new shiny visitor centers, I liked the shitty old truck-stops with the rape!bathrooms because I felt like a badass every time I made a tinkle), and they are easily the most convenient ways to travel, but the tolls are pretty ridiculous. 

So, my new mission, is to plot out a toll-free route and my inner-fangirl wonders if this is what SAM 'N DEAN do. 

I could hear Owen facepalming through the phone. 

Googlemaps and I are BFFs right now. I pay alot of attention to my mile counter, the estimated travel-time, and, of course, the potential for sweet scenery. I decided I want to look at pretty things, so I'm following the coastline of Lake Erie pretty much the whole way across Ohio. 

This is Port Clinton, Ohio. It is on a peninsula in northwestern Ohio and as soon as I saw it's location on the map, I was like, "OHHHH I BET IT'S REALLY PRETTY THERE."

I wonder if Sam ever gives Dean longer-than-necessary directions just to look at cool shit?



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