Saturday, March 12th, 2011

radiumgirl: (awkward teddy)
 Well, I've been completely useless today. I was going to go downtown with Chrissy for the St. Paddy's Day parade. It was on my Yinzer Bucket List of things I need to do before I move to Kalamazoo, but I feel like death. I've consumed half a carton of orange juice, one English muffin, and an obnoxious assortment of Day-quil, Alka-seltzer, and Tylenol. 

I think I might actually be a little bit high.


Maybe my luck will find me in Kalamazoo and I'll get a really sweet job and I can make a special trip next year and have my green beer e'nat, yes? YES?

Yeah, I won't count on it. 

Owen says, "Jesus, they probably have green beer on St. Paddy's day in Kalamazoo. It's not another planet."

"You don't know that for suuuuuuuure. And it's not the saaaaaaaaaaame."

I'm totally sitting here in my four-leaf clover beads from last year, pouting, shoving Vicks up my nose, and wondering if Chrissy will drunk dial me. Probably not. She's always been the classier drunk between the two of us. 

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