Sunday, February 20th, 2011

It's My Party

Sunday, February 20th, 2011 10:46 pm
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The new owners painted over the graffiti in the bathroom at the Brown, but they did it in this awful pink paint that clashes really badly with the orange walls, and people have taken to peeling it off in places, so it actually looks shittier than it did before the "improvement" I'm okay with it.

The band last night was on the "meh" side, but there were $4 Lionshead pitchers. It was also $2 wells night, but in the name of staying on budget, my table just took turns getting pitchers. Part of the pre-gaming routine at my brother's apartment consisted of him giving me the following pep-talk:

"You will keep it together tonight. You will not get cut off. You will not cry. And you are not my problem."

"Whose problem am I?" I'm always someone's problem.  I always enjoyed being Arlo or Rooney's problem because they could carry me home. 

My brother pointed at Owen and said, "His."

Owen started and grabbed my brother's shoulder, "Why am I on Mary Ann Duty?"

Chuck looked at Owen like it was the most obvious answer in the world, "Because you're fucking her, dipshit."

Owen lowered his arm and nodded, "Touche." 

So, we stuck to beer. I didn't cry. I didn't flash anyone. And I walked back to my brother's place under my own steam. I ordered a breakfast burrito from the Frat Row Sheetz and managed to pay for it and wait in line without direct supervision and all was well in the world. Owen and I made a nest out of blankets and sofa cushions on my brother's living room floor and Chrissy borrowed Katrina's bed because she went home for the weekend. I asked my brother for some hot sauce for my burrito and he said, "Fuck no" and went to bed. I implored Owen to track down the Tabasco sauce, and he handed it to me, kissed my nose, and said, "I love you, but if you barf, I'm sleeping in the car."

There was no barfing. However, I had a blinding migraine this morning and eventually migrated to the sofa where I made Owen rub my forehead until noon, whining like a six-year-old every time he stopped. 

The end. 

Oh, and then Chrissy and I spent the afternoon in a smoky haze watching random crap on OnDemand (when does the new season of HOARDERS start, dammit?) and RUFUS IS TOTALLY IN CORRINA, CORRINA. For like, ten minutes total, and he has maybe three lines, but I still flailed when I realized it was the same actor. Six degrees of Supernatural, man.  There was a preview for For Colored Girls on the OnDemand menu too and Loretta Divine is totally in it. And she looks FIERCE. Like, maybe Missouri Mosely fierce. 

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