Sunday, January 9th, 2011

radiumgirl: (holly and cat)
 That reason being that you shouldn't smoosh it with your sneaker when it's crawling across your bedroom floor.


I caved and bought a new alarm clock because the cell phone wasn't cutting it and I slept until noon today. I didn't want to sleep until noon because I have to do laundry and get my life together before work tomorrow. It's also going to make going back to my Monday-Friday 5am wake-up all the more painful.

Now: I'm going to finish the rough draft of my [ profile] ohsam challenge fic today, even if it kills me. Anyone up for some light beta-ing? It's about 7,000 words of insane, barely-functional, seriously unhinged Sam, panicky, frantic, co-dependent Dean, and awesome Cas. I don't think it'll need anything major done to it, but I'm worried because when I initially took the prompt, I was attacked by a rabid bunny, and in the course of actually writing the story, the bunny got out of it's cage. So, I just want to make sure it's coherent, and readable, and seems to follow my prompter's request. 

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