Saturday, September 25th, 2010

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 I deleted my previous entry because it was clearly written after several glasses of wine. I now present you with coherency.

Firstly, I GOT LUCY THE STAYPUFT MARSHMALLOW CAR. It's the longest name I've ever given a car, mostly because several people assisted in the naming process, and they all refuse to call it anything but what they personally chose for the name. Lucy the Staypuft Marshmallow Car is a cream (yeah, that's the official name for the color) 2005 PT Cruiser.  Owen took one look at him and said, "It looks like a marshmallow."

I said, "I have a friend in New Jersey who has a friend who has a car called the Marshmallow. I can't in good conscience steal the name for my own ride."

"Fine. I'm calling it Staypuft then."


Lucy is actually short for Lucifer. I picked that part of the name because, ultimately, I couldn't find a co-signer and after I sold my soul, my first-born, and handed over my handy-dandy demon-killing knife, we were in business. 

Actually, I can't complain. The dealer I worked with was amazingly nice and sure, he probably just wanted to sell the damn car, but I was still touched by his attention to details. Like, initially, the bank financing Lucy was straight-up "No. Co-signer or no deal." Then the bank was like"Ok. But you only have 48 months to pay it off." I feel like if my dealer just wanted to sell the car, he could have stopped with that and been happy, but he fought for a 60 month loan and a lower interest rate so that my payments aren't ridiculous and I was really touched by that. He didn't have to do that. 

I sometimes worry that I'm a gullible schmuck. Whatever. 

AND THEN IT WAS WIN-FEST. I'll put all of my squeeing and ranting under a cut in case any of yinz haven't seen TEH AWESOMEZ yet and want to remain spoiler-free.

Some holy water in the face? )

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