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 Ok, so my brother and I had a small finale-marathon tonight: Swan Song, Let it Bleed, and The Man Who Knew Too Much and the thing is, I've been wondering about some details regarding soulless!Sam in the S6 finale. 

I initially had the thought, and I've seen it floating around the interwebs, that there shouldn't have been a soulless!Sam hallucination during Sam's headspace roadtrip in 6.22 because, um, soulless. 
So, there's that. But then, the whole, "We're in your grapefruit, Sam." 
That's a Lucy quote, kids. And as soon as that came out of soulless!Sam's mouth, I was like, "OH  SHIT SON."
And then we were re-watching Swan Song tonight, and you know what? Swandive!Sam and soulless!Sam have the same wardrobe. I mean, it's the exact same jacket, shirt, everything. Ok, sure, Sam was wearing that outfit at the very end of the episode, when he was being a creeper, and was technically, at that point, soulless. But IDK. The grapefruit quote still rubs me the wrong way (in a good way).  Jared even said it like Lucifer. 
So. I don't think my bleeding fangirl heart is going to be able to take that, if Sam's post-wall state ends up being what I currently suspect that it might be. I just want Sammich to be okay (after, you know, an episode or two of post-wall residual effects of win) and mostly, himself.
Aw. BB.
Also? My brother is not one to usually comment on actors and their skill.  So my brain melted a little when we were watching Swan Song and my brother looks over and says, "Wow. Padalecki can really act."
"Um. I know."
"No, but, like, even the body language between real Sam and Lucifer Sam.... It's really something."
"I know. The internet knows. We just wish that the Gods of Casting for films of a higher caliber than Friday the 13th and the Christmas (fucking) Cottage knew."
JARED! I less-than-three you! You are shiny. Your smile powers the sun. Also? I've seen the con pictures and your hair is beautiful. Don't listen to the dissenters. Haters gonna hate. KISSES!
Okay, kids. Radium Girl's beat. She walked through a thunderstorm to pay the nice mechanic an ungodly sum of money (ok, not really, but it feels like it) to make Lucy the Staypuft Marshmallow Car roadworthy again.  More substance tomorrow; possibly a discussion of how I inadvertently became the office whore without even sleeping with anyone. 
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