Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

You! Me! Dancing!

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 10:12 am
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 The wedding was fantastic. It was, undoubtedly, the highlight of an otherwise completely suck-ass week. It cost $240 to fix the transmission cable in my car, then, literally the next morning, the sensor in my gas tank stopped reading the fuel level. We haven't fixed that one yet. My mechanic is looking for a cheap replacement and I just literally don't have the funds right now. Plus, I still need new tires on top of everything. I keep trying to get approved for a credit card, just for emergencies like this, but I keep getting denied because of my pathetic income. 
Like I said, the wedding was fantastic. It was beautiful. I have never seen the bride and groom so happy. There was assigned tables, but whoever did the assigning (the bride, I'm told) did a great job seating everyone. Owen and I were at Table 14, which ended up being nicknamed both the "Adventureland Table" and the "Drunk Table." It was Owen and I, my G-Serv supervisor and the Splash Zone supervisor, two random kids from IUP who were literally sucking down vodka cranberries two at a time, and Caroline, an ex-rides wench. Caroline's fiancée, Ashton, and Gabe, were both groomsmen, so they didn't sit with us, but they visited alot. 
We would wait until the bride and groom were about to put food in their mouths and then bang on our glasses to make them kiss. Gabe and I made threatening gestures at each other from across the room. I made the throat-slitting motion and he dove under the wedding party table. 
You can dress Adventureland kids up, but you can't take them out. 
There was a wedding polka. Owen was SO HAPPY. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY OWEN WAS. For those of you unfamiliar with the wedding polka tradition, it's awesome and you're missing out. It's an Eastern European tradition. Owen says Hungarian, but I always say that's just because Owen is part Hungarian. My mother's family did it at their weddings, and they're all Polish. My dad's family doesn't do it though, and they're German. So. The bride either wears an apron, or makes the maid of honor hold a sack. All the guests line up and put money in the sack or the apron, and get to dance with the bride for a few seconds. Then they get to do a shot of either schnaaps or whiskey. Meanwhile, the groom is chillin with his homeboys somewhere. After everyone has danced with the bride, they make a circle around her and dance and the groom has to fight his way to the center of the circle with the aid of his groomsmen.  I was worried that Owen was going to break the groom. He takes the wedding polka very seriously. 

I didn't catch the bouquet and Owen didn't catch the garter. Gabe caught the garter though, and he did a sexy dance when he had to slide it onto the chick who did catch the flowers. He knocked back gin and tonic all night. It was brilliant. He kept trying to get the Splash Zone supervisor to dance, and she vehemently refused to leave her chair, so he got Brad from G-serv to help him carry her, chair and all, to the dance floor, where he proceeded to dance around her while she sat sulking. At one point, I left my spot at the table, having been throwing back vodka cranberry at the same rate of Gabe's gin consumption, and I wandered over to Daphne, pointed to Gabe, and said, "Those are beautiful abs. How can you not want to dance with those abs?"
Gabe said, "Yeah. My abs are a work of art." He winked at me, "Wanna touch them?"
My hand immediately jutted out, "Like carved from stone."
"You can touch the pecs too if you want."
"Oh, I think I will."
And then his arms tightened around my waist and he twirled me right into the groom's grandma. She thought it was funny. Gabe giggled, "Is Owen gonna kick my ass?"
"Oh darling!" I yelled, waving for Owen to look at me, "Can I dance with the pretty man?"
"Oh Cupcake!" He yelled back, "I don't care what you do. YOU, however," he pointed at Gabe, "Will find yourself on my list if I leave this party single tonight."
Gabe twirled me and dipped me and chastised me for not letting him lead. I said, "Why should I let you lead?"
"Because I'm the man."
"I never let you boss me around when you were actually my boss. I'm not about to start now. And not with a flimsy excuse like that."
We had to stop dancing because Gabe was laughing too hard. 
There was an after-party at Sharkey's that Owen and I went to for a bit. It consisted mostly of the Adventureland Table, plus Gabe and Ashton. Gabe ate all of my mints.  I ate all of Owen's popcorn. Brad hit on the waitress.  Caroline and Ashton decided they didn't want to run away and get married in Vegas after all. 
Here. Have some pictures.  )
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Title: ...and God has Turned his Back
Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Cas (mentioned)
Word count: 465
Summary: Coda to 6.22. 
Warnings: Spoilers for the finale. Angst. Bobby!POV.
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox. 
Notes: OH HEY LOOK, SOME NON-FOR-KEEPS FIC.  I'm working on some whumped!canon!Dean. Consider this a prequel. This was actually the introduction to that fic, but I think it works on it's own. 

Bobby keeps his eye on them.  )

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