Monday, May 2nd, 2011

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 So, as much as I didn't want to get sucked into the royal wedding...I kinda did. I mean, I didn't get up at the ass-crack of dawn to watch it, but the highlights were on CNN at lunch and 

Owen is totally making fun of me, calling me up and putting on a really bad English accent, "Hello! I suppose you'd like to marry a prince now, eh?"

"Dude, 'Eh' is a Canadian expression. Get your dialects straight."

"Oh poppet, you fancy yourself a princess?"
"My daddy called me his princess all the time." 
Whatever. I justify it with the argument that we don't really have anything that compares. I mean, no one cares when the presidents' kids get married. One of the Bush twins got married a few years ago and it was like, a 30-second blurb on the news.  Chelsea Clinton got married and the only thought I had was, "To a guy? Really?  I thought I read somewhere that she likes girls?"
Yeah. So. I liked Kate's dress. That girl needs to eat a sandwich (or three) though, seriously. I keep calling her "Princess Skeletor" in my head because I'm an awful person. And she needs to eat a sandwich. Several sandwiches, in fact. 
Camilla looked good. There. I said it. I really liked her everything though. The coat. The hat. The hair. Gold star, lady. 
Posh Spice and David Beckham are scary looking. My landlord and I had tea together tonight and she said that she thinks they're androids. I think they are too. I couldn't even look at pictures and be like, "David Beckham is so hot" because all I was thinking is "David Beckham is too hot."
Also? I really liked the Spice Girls when I was in 4th grade. I cried when they broke up. CRIED. I was also eleven. My dad laughed at me. 
In conclusion, Harry is cute and I want to go get drunk with him. He's also older than me, which surprised me, because I thought I was older and felt like a pedo every time I thought, "You. Me. Royal pub crawl."
And then I watched The King's Speech and was all inspired and shit. Every time I watch historical dramas, I have to remember that (delightfully paraphrased) quote from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "Every age feels unheroic to those who are living in it."
In conclusion, Happy birthday, Sammich Winchester. I was going to write you a story, but I got distracted by CNN and "Ding Dong, Osama's Dead" and trying to figure out whether I should pull out my tiny little American flag and start USA chanting or wring my hands and try to figure out if my joy makes me a barbarian. 

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