Thursday, April 28th, 2011

radiumgirl: (han shot first)
 I was going to angst last night, but I was too busy throwing things at my TV, so now I'm just going to repost my Facebook status because hockey season is over and no amount of sleep is making it hurt less:

So, I thought sleeping on it would make me feel better, but really, I still want to set the Tampa Bay Lightning on fire and kick each Penguin in the shin. It was 6 on 4, you guys. 6 on 4. The sky opened up, Jesus smiled at you, and you blew it.

I really thought we'd make some miraculous comeback in the end there, when Kuntiz broke his stick and the Lightning got shafted with a penalty. Certainly, fate cannot love the Tampa Bay Lightning. No one loves the Tampa Bay Lightning. I've heard on good authority that Tampa Bay isn't even particularly crazy about the lightning. 

So, the season is over. And I didn't get to watch a single playoff game on the lawn outside the arena. I have no idea when I'll have that opportunity again. By this time next year, I'll be living in Kalamazoo, surrounded by *shudder* Red Wings fans. 
Here, have an adorable kid to ease the pain:

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