Monday, April 11th, 2011

radiumgirl: (keep calm)
 A deer ran into my car. 

When I say that, I'm not trying to shirk blame. I didn't hit the deer. I didn't even see the deer...until it's head was in my window. 

I may have, metaphorically speaking, shit my pants. 

I was also covered with glass. My face is cut to shreds, my arms, the inside of my mouth, and possibly my esophagus. I keep coughing up bits of my window. My landlords, who are awesome, said they would drive me to the hospital if I feel that I need it. I don't think I need it, but I'm being cautious. If I start coughing up blood, I'll go. 

So, yeah, I was driving to work. My work commute entails that I drive through Keystone State Park. It was right after the park police station, so I was only going about 30 mph. I didn't even see the deer. I heard a THUMP and glass shattering...I looked up and there was a deer's head in my window, flailing and jerking. 

Somehow, Psycho!Bambi extracted itself from my window and scampered into the woods. I hope it dies a horrible death. 

I sat in my car taking in the glass, the blood steadily dripping from my face. I slowly reached over and turned off the radio. I noticed my mirror lying in the street and wandered out to retrieve it. 

My poor car. My poor, poor car. 

I have to report it to my insurance. I need a new window. I can't fix that myself.

$500 deductible.

There goes the Michigan fund. 

Anybody know a quick way to make a buck?

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