Monday, March 28th, 2011

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I totally forgot that Stacy's bridal shower is next week. The actual wedding invitation arrived in the mail today and I was completely touched by the fact that it was addressed to "MaryAnn and Owen."

Idk. I was expecting a "MaryAnn + 1," you know? This silly little card makes me so stupidly happy just because it has our names in fancy print, like it's official that we are "Mary and Owen" and "Owen and Mary" and it's a package deal and not only does everyone know it, but they think it too.

I mean, they could have very easily sent us each our own invitation. It's an Adventureland wedding, so we know the bride and the groom equally well and vice versa. Owen used to work at the same ride as the groom, and I just kinda knew them both from being a pseudo-lifer, having worked in the park long enough to know pretty much everyone at least a little bit, and then the groom was my supervisor for a little while (no, it's not Gabe, but he's the best man) and the bride and I were both managers at the same time and tended to sit next to each other during manager meetings to talk smack on the Splash Zone and the Kiddieland teams because everyone hates them...except guests. So, every meeting was an endless parade of "GOLD STAR FOR THE RACCOON RACE TEAM" while the rest of us are like, "Fuck-off-and-die-violently."

Man, good times.

I'm really stoked for this wedding. An Adventureland wedding! It would have been more adorable if they were getting married at the park, but I mentioned it to the groom once in jest and he said he'd rather stab himself in the eye. But still, the wedding party, most of the guests...there's actually some concern that so many employees are going to need the day off that it's going to turn into Park Drama.

I love Park Drama. Especially when it's not my fault for once.

But aw, this invite, I keep looking at it and smiling and running my fingers over the ink. I sent Owen a picture and he said I was a dork.

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