Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Dahn at the Brahn

Sunday, March 27th, 2011 10:11 am
radiumgirl: (gate love)
 Xander, my old roommate, the one who was awesome because he would marathon Supernatural with me but sucked because in every other sense, he was a whiny, lazy, annoying-as-shit roommate, visited my brother for the weekend. I drove up to IUP for the night on Friday because I don't hate Xander...I just hate the idea of living with him.

So, we went to the Brown and it was a lovely time. Really. Xander came, and my brother, and Scrawny!Jared, who is named as such because he holds a startling resemblance to our dear Mr. Padalecki, except, well, he's probably a good foot shorter, and alot alot alot skinnier. In fact, I'm pretty certain that our Jared could probably bench press Scrawny!Jared without much effort.

But still, Scrawny!Jared is fun. He plays the cello. I used to openly lust for him, and he would, in turn, play it up so hard. On my twenty-third birthday, he walked around the party in his underwear and said it was his present to me.

It was a good gang, good music, good crowd. Don-the-Bouncer came and tossed a quarter at my cleavage for old times.

Scrawny!Jared and I actually had a nice conversation about long-distance relationships. I mentioned how I'm moving to Michigan at the end of the summer and he was like, "OMG I'm moving to Ireland this summer!"

"Ireland? Ireland beats Michigan every time, dude. What's in Ireland?" Except, I was pretty drunk at this point, so it probably came out more like, "Was'n Irlan?"

"You remember Joy? My girlfriend?"

"Irish Joy? We called her Irish Joy."

"I know. She thought it was funny. But yeah, her."

"She went back to the old country, eh?"

"Yeah. She lives outside of Belfast, but I'm going with her. After school."

"NO SHIT! That's awesome!" And I gave him a big stupid sloppy hug and bought us both a bottle of Duquesne which was on special, and we toasted to "Long distance relationships and the shit we do for the people we love."

Xander pointed out that we had gone the entire evening without trying to feel one another up and it was unnerving and he didn't like it. Scrawny!Jared and I spared a moment to glare at him, before going back to our Big Dreams and beer.

"D'you love Irish Joy?" I asked.

Scrawny!Jared grinned and nodded and his hair flopped in his eyes. I pushed it away, "Good. I love Owen. We're going to get married. You should come. Bring Irish Joy."

We left a little bit after one, hit up Sheetz for sandwiches and Gatorade. It was quiet and I remember the entire night with no blackouts or anything. So, I was sorely disappointed to wake up yesterday morning with the mother of all hangovers.

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