Sunday, March 6th, 2011

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I wrecked Lucy the Staypuft Marshmallow Car this afternoon.

I don't know dick about insurance. Does anyone know anything about insurance? Anyone? Bueller?


I drive a 2005 PT Cruiser named Lucifer. He looks like a marshmallow. Owen calls him Staypuft because invoking the lord of darkness on such a casual level makes him uncomfortable.

It was snowing today. I slid on a patch of slush and went into a ditch. My cousins came with trucks and chains and pulled my car out. There is no mechanical damage whatsoever. The rear passenger door, however, is dented and there is some paint scraped away near the bottom of the door.

There were no police involved. No fire trucks. A nice Marine pulled over to direct traffic and when I blushed like a twelve-year-old girl and insisted that he get back in his nice warm Honda and continue home because "It's really cold, dude. You shouldn't be stuck here because I'm a fuck-up," he said "We protect and serve abroad and at home, ma'am." and I kinda wanted to write his name in a notebook and doodle hearts around it.

My uncle says to report the claim because "That's why you pay insurance, MaryAnn."

Well, actually, I pay insurance because the government tells me I have to.

Also, I have a $500 deductible. It's full-coverage because I had to get financed in order to pay for the car, but I always thought I'd save it for something like getting t-boned by a drunk or rear-ended by a semi. You know, big things.

I don't think I did $500 worth of damage to the car, so if I'm going to have to pay for all the repairs anyway, I don't see the point of making a claim just so my monthly bill can go up.

My cousin pulled me aside when my uncle was chatting with some gawker who decided to pull over and kept offering to call an ambulence while I kept vehemently shaking my head "NO. NO. I'm FINE."

I don't think he was buying it due to the hankie I had shoved up one nostril to stem the flow of blood. I might have a shiner in the morning, but I might not. I did not need an ambulance.

Anyway, my cousin pulled me over and I flailed and whimpered that I can't risk my insurance going up, that I can barely make the payments as it is, and look at the damage, man, it's not that bad.

He sucked on the dip between his lip. "Nah. It's not. You can prolly fix that up with a plunger and some touch-up paint."

"So you don't think I should make a claim?"

He shrugged.

Big help, there.

I keep calling my friends and polling their opinions and the majority of them seem to think DIY is the way to go. Even Owen's dad was like, "If you don't have to report an accident, you shouldn't." And he said since there was no formal report made to the cops, it might not be covered anyway.

So I don't think I'm going to, but if anyone has any more informed insight than my motley crew, please enlighten me. I've only had the freaking car for six months and as much as this chick may dig scars...she prefers that they not be on her car.

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