Saturday, March 5th, 2011

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This is Bo Burnham. He's offensive and I love him in a purely insincere way:

Owen's sister, Emily, goes to Kent State, you know, that school in Ohio that's pretty infamous for being the place where the National Guard blew away a bunch of (not) hippies during a Vietnam protest. It's probably in your history book. It was kind've a big deal. The first thing I said to Emily when I got out of Lucifer the Staypuft Marshmallow Car (after Emily, with her suckass sense of direction, navigated me down a one-way street in front of a cop) was "So, where'd those people get shot?" and she gleefully dragged me down a hill to point at a parking lot. Yup.

Anyway, Bo Burnham was there on Thursday for a show and Emily got tickets as a belated birthday present because I think he's hilarious and she wants to touch his danger zone.

It was a good show. We saw him last year when he was at IUP and I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't a deluge of new material, but at the same time, the new material that he did pull out was very good. Alot of it, like the song he performed for the encore below, was even, I would argue, "legit," in that I'm not entirely certain that it was meant to be funny. Actually, in the encore, Bo actually says that it's not a joke song, that he's in the process of branching out as an artist, etc.

I really hope it doesn't blow up in his face.

I'm thrilled that he's working on "serious" music. I think he's an immensely talented writer and performer. I generally don't like "musical" comedians because I usually don't like their songs. I'll listen to it once, laugh, and that's it. I'm not going to put it on my iPod and treat it like I would treat other music because musically, I don't find it all that great. But, when it comes to Bo Burnham, I actually do like the majority of his songs. He's totally on my iPod. Has been, from the very beginning. I think he's hilarious, and yes, alot of his lyrics are crass, but alot of them are thoughtful too. He performed a song at Kent that was supposed to mock mainstream love songs and how they're all pretty much the same song remixed...and his song was funny, yes, but I actually thought that it was sweet and if I had heard it on the radio, not knowing that it was a Bo Burnham song, I would have thought it was just a quirky, silly, pop song. In between songs, he freaking sits around quoting Shakespeare (well). Even when he is making dick jokes, he's points it out and recognizes it for the low-brow, "cheap" comedy that it is. I love the self-awareness so hard.


So. I'm thrilled that Bo Burnham is writing big kid songs, quirky big kid songs, but big kid songs nonetheless. He performed a song from that upcoming supposedly semi-serious album for the encore and yes, yes, it's still vulgar in places, but I thought it was a very sweet, and a little bit sad, song. I'm excited for the new album. I'm just worried that it's going to turn people away if its too unfunny and then I will weep.

Also? I think I laughed harder at his Harry Potter comment here than anything else from the rest of the show.

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