Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Winds of Change

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 06:34 am
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 So Owen got the job in Kalamazoo. It looks like I'll be moving to Michigan by the end of the year. I have mixed thoughts on this. 

On one hand: OMG REAL JOB. And it's pretty much exactly what Owen wants to do. I'm incredibly happy for him. He's excited. He even surprised me on Valentines Day by bringing over a bunch of apartment listings and said that even though I won't be joining him for a couple of months, he wanted my input anyway. 

The rabid loathing I have for my temping gig reached new heights on Monday when I was tasked with booking hotel rooms for the trainers when they go to LA to run classes. I was under the impression that's what the secretary was for. I know she kinda sucks at her job, but hey, boss man hired her, and I have a fucking masters degree. 

Of course, I'm still going to be there until September or October, so all of the grumbling and swearing happened in my head. 

I also googled Kalamazoo and it looks like a fun town. Bell Brewery makes some kind of beer that Owen squealed over and there's an air and space museum. The Verve Pipe is from Kalamazoo. I can take the train to Chicago in an hour and it's thirty bucks round trip. If there's some sort of special for daily commuters, I'm definitely going to look into finding a job that pertains to my fucking field. I mean, it's Chicago. It's like the Manhattan of the midwest. 


I'm also starting to put together a PhD application for WMU. I'm very nervous because I didn't realize how competitive their program is. They also don't like to take candidates that don't have MAs or MFAs in English. My BA is in English, but the MA is in Adult Education. The website didn't say that they wouldn't take people from different fields, but I feel like I'm already going into this with a strike against me. I'm actually going to run up to IUP next week and meet with Dr. K, aka: Barb, and try to figure out if I should apply to the PhD program or the MFA program and how I can convey to the powers that be that my MA was acquired out of fear and that my passions lie in English and I'm really quite brilliant if you ask Barb. 

Also? Letters of recommendation. 

And I have to take the GREs. Eew. Do not want. 

So, I guess I'm excited too, but at the same time, when I think about moving, I'm also a little nauseous. Michigan? Really? It's six hours by car, nine by train, and getting a flight there is more complicated than you'd think because Pittsburgh International Airport lost all their HUBs and basically fails at getting you anywhere. I didn't bother looking into Greyhound after I saw Amtrak's route. 

Also? It's cold there. It was forty degrees here yesterday and amazing. I checked the weather for Kalamazoo for shits and gigs and it was twelve. Twelve degrees. I wept. 

And then there's the "but all my friends are here" argument, which is kinda lame, but I love my friends. I like to keep Rooney, Gabe, and Squishy in mind when that argument starts to take over because they live in Cincinnati, St. Louis, and KOREA, respectively, and if Squishy can just up and move to the other side of the world after graduation, surely I can handle six hours.

I'm sure there will be more angst on this later. This is your warning. 

So, to rip off Chbosky: This is my life. And I'm both happy and sad, and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be. 

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