Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

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I'm such a sucker.

So, there's another temp in my office. Well, not really  my office, but in the office downstairs. (Apparently, working in the upstairs office makes me a higher class of temp or something. IDK.) and we were pals. She would call me on the phone to let me know there was a fresh pot of coffee going so I could get my fix before all the warehouse guys depleted the supply. She showed me how to use the fax machine and we ate lunch together a few times and she introduced me to the warehouse people that I don't generally work with very often. We commiserated about our suckass lots in life; she was big on straightening my collar and patting me on the shoulder and sending me back upstairs after a bitchfit (that she usually initiated by the way) with a cheerful,"I got your back, sweetheart. Temps gotta look out for one another in this place."

Her position was temp-to-hire. She wasn't hired.

I felt bad. I literally snuck out of my office to hide in her cubicle and be a shoulder to cry on when she called me and actually cried when the big boss told her she wasn't staying past the 13th.

Today, the big boss held a four-hour business meeting, first thing in the morning. I basically wanted to kill myself the entire time because it was all about morale and how the last quarter finished up and how that would be affecting everyone's bonuses and I really didn't give two shits because I don't get a shiny bonus anyway but hey, there were free bagels, and I love bagels.

Apparently, the company I'm temping for did so well last year that the budget has been expanded and the big boss gave the little boss the news that our unit is expanding and he wants him to create eight full-time positions to be filled by May.

Whatever. Pass the cream cheese.

At lunch, James, the tech guy who loves me, said, "I told the little boss he should consider making your position full-time."

"Yeah? Cool. Thanks."

Dolores, the admin I work under who I'm pretty sure hates me a little, said, "Yeah. I mentioned it to him too."

At this point my face was bright red and my jaw was on the floor. "Really?"

The rest of the conversation evolved like this:

Dolores said, "Yeah, so maybe you won't be a temp for too much longer,huh?"

James said, "Speaking of temps, when's Connie's last day?"

Connie is the downstairs temp.

I said, "The 13th."

"Thank the lord. That woman is completely repulsive."

I took a very deliberate sip of my coffee and said, "She's always really nice to me."

"Oh, I bet she is." James said, "You need to watch your back around that one."

And then I sort've knew what was coming. My stomach plummeted and I decided that maybe coffee for lunch was a bad life choice. James continued:

"Man, every time I went down there for something, she'd call me over and bitch about something the big boss or the little boss said, always had something to say about 'that upstairs temp looks miserable, just miserable.' Always wanted to know what we had you doing, if you were working out okay, what the game plan was if you didn't."

"Oh." Well, I thought, it's not like I wasn't miserable and it's not like I didn't tell her that, but she was miserable too and we bonded, dammit. And besides, James knows how much I want to stab myself in the temple most of the time I'm at work. Maybe James was misunderstanding Connie's tone or something. Maybe she thought she was doing me a favor. I asked, "Really? She said that?"

"Darlin,' she told me to give her a call when your position opened back up."

So I've decided that I'm just sitting in my cube and never speaking to anyone ever again.

I feel like such a little kid. Here I was, legitimately sad that she was leaving, counting down to the 13th with dread, considering hooking her up with my email or facebook or something so we could stay in contact because I considered her a friend...and she was hoping that I would leave the entire time.

I decided to write a For Keeps 'verse story involving Sam, Castiel, and kittens to make myself feel better.

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