Saturday, January 29th, 2011


Saturday, January 29th, 2011 11:24 am
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 Apparently a bat got into my basement last night. 

My brother came over to watch the NHL Fantasy Draft. We're cheering for Team Lindstrom because Team Staal is really "Team Douchebag Plus Kris Letang." We wept bitterly when they called his name. My brother and I can't, in good conscience, cheer for a team with Ovechkin on its roster. We just can't. Sorry, Letang. We'll miss your sexy hair flip. 

So, Katrina picked up a pizza and Chrissy bailed because of the snow and after the draft, I forced Being Human on both Chuck and Kat because Comcast OnDemand is a beautiful thing. Katrina loved it and Chuck didn't hate it, so...yay.

During all of this pizza-hockey-wine-fuck-you-cw-ness, Chuck did his laundry. The buzzer went off and he went downstairs to throw it all in the dryer. Then he yelled up, "Hey, do you have tongs?"


"I think there's something dead in the bottom of your washer."

Yup. Dead bat. Not sure how that happens. There are no windows in my basement and the only door is one of those big metal ones that comes out of the ground, and right now it's under a foot of snow. And then, how did the damn thing get in my washer


Also? My brother commandeered my computer during Being Human because he kept saying "OH MY GOD I KNOW THAT PERSON FROM SOMEWHERE" and went off to ask IMDB to locate the two Sams. He yelled from my fake!office (it's supposed to be a dining room, but I don't have a table and chairs sooooo...) "Hey, Sam Witwer was the soldier who got stabbed in The Mist."

"Word. And Huntingdon was Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns."

"Yeah, I knew that." There was a pause, then Chuck hollered, "OH MY GOD."

"What? Come back, you're missing  plot points."

"He was Mimi-Siku in Jungle 2 Jungle! That's awesome!"

I gave my tv the Castiel-head-tilt-of-intrigue. "DUDE. He was Mimi-Siku!"

And then I flailed around on the sofa because my brain had imploded. Jungle 2 Jungle was pretty much just another one of those craptastic movies that Disney pumped out in the glorious 90s like Man of the House or...yeah I can't think of any others. But oh, how I loved this movie when I was ten. I saw it in theaters. I had it on VHS. This was right around the time my 4th grade class took a trip to the Statue of Liberty too, so I was generally just really stoked at life. 

I really love when I see an actor that I know has been in something else I've seen but I can't place where. Then, after some digging, find out that he or she was in something I totally loved as a wee one.  Like Jensen Ackles and Dark Angel or Ryan Gosling and Young Hercules

Yup. Good times. 

As I depart, I leave you with this: fifteen-year-old Sam Huntington running around New York City in a loin cloth. This is the stuff my 4th-grade self's dreams were made of. 


Mmm. 1997. A good vintage. 


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