Thursday, January 27th, 2011

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Title: Something Borrowed
Author: [ profile] radiumgirl
Rating: PG-13/mild R
Genre/pairing: Gen, H/C, angst, AU
Characters: Sam, Dean, Cas, Bobby
Word count: 6,577
Summary:  Written for the [ profile] ohsam  H/C challenge. Based on the following prompt by [ profile] vail_kagami :

Dean thought he wanted his brother back.

When they manage to get Sam's soul back into his body, he isn't so sure anymore. Instead of a cold, unfeeling shell he gets an insane wreck who is completely overwhelmed by the memories of centuries of neverending physical and emotional torture. Cas tried to warn Dean that this would happen, but Dean thought he could deal - and anything's better than leaving Sam's soul in hell forever.

Unfortunately, Dean can't deal with this on his own and eventually Sam ends up in a mental hospital, drugged and restrained to keep him from hurting himself and others in his madness. Unable to tell reality from his memories to begin with, the restrains make Sam freak out even more. Completely refusing food, plagued by horrific nightmares whenever they drug him to sleep and under constant emotional stress, he wastes away and falls sick. Castiel sticks around to help him as best he can, because he somehow feels responsible for Sam, or just because Sam is his friend. Dean can't bear to see his brother suffer like that but stays anyway because he's an awesome big brother.

Spoilers: season 6
Warnings: Angst. Slight gore. Seriously serious trauma. Sam is very much not okay.
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox.

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