Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Snow Day

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 09:51 pm
radiumgirl: (hell)
Work is getting better. A bunch of people took sick days today because of the snow (wusses) so the office was mostly empty. I still don't have computer access, and since the lady who is supposed to be training me was one of the people who didn't come in today, one of the tech specialists adopted me.

I love the specialists. We have three of them in our office and it's kinda like hanging out with the Nerd Herd from Chuck. They live in the Super Cube, which is full of different products that need to be repaired, and when they aren't actually working, they're wandering around the office being smartasses and hiding from "Boss Man." The other day at lunch, they got into an argument over which came first, the Commodore 64 or the Atari and I earned their love and respect (ok, and lust) because I knew it was the Commodore (and I wear a skirt and I'm the youngest woman in the office by about a decade).

Anyway, I got kidnapped by our crazy crew. One of them, we'll call him James, logged me into the computer under his ID with a "I'd rather you didn't look up porn, but if you have to, make it good, and share with the class."

I spent the morning refreshing CNN in hopes of something exciting happening. The Arizona shooting makes me sad and angry. Lebanon's government collapsed, but the articles were slow coming and while that sounds like bad news bears, I'm claiming "Stupid American" status on this one because I can't even begin to fathom what the implications could be. Should I panic or shrug? I asked Gabe to give me an international civics lesson. I'm still waiting. 

Lunch: they grilled me about Owen, whom they've all taken to calling "The Boy" in everyday conversation, informed me that the reason the other document writers are giving me the cold shoulder and going out of their way to avoid training me is because they resent my presence and think I'm a wringer sent to stir up their little nest of complacency (aka: "those broads are worse slackers than us" to quote James' sidekick, Jeremy) and said that the key to success here is to make myself irreplaceable to which I said, "Well, duh."

And then I got to take apart a ventilator compressor and photograph its innards. \o/

I'm still not completely sold on this place, mostly because I don't usually work with the tech specialists, so today was most certainly an exception to the norm; but it was nice, and I'd like to work with the specialists, so I feel like I have something to aim for and work towards.

And it's still snowing. It needs to stop. Not because I'm afraid to drive in it or that I hate to drive in it, but because I hate scraping the ice off my windshield every morning. It's right up there with doing the dishes, doing the laundry, and shaving my legs on the "Official List of Things That Are a Pain in Radium Girl's Ass."

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