Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

radiumgirl: (slumber party spn)
So, Owen and I didn't tailgate the Winter Classic because of the rain delay. That was okay because no amount of alcohol can dull the agony of losing to the Washington Capitals (see: douchebags on ice).

I also didn't go to St. Louis because Gabe kinda sucks at making plans.

But it's okay. I got coffee with Chrissy and we exchanged belated Christmas presents. She made me one of those fleece blankets where you tie two huge pieces of fabric back to back. It's black and purple and orange and I love it. Chrissy said, "Yeah, I saw that fabric and thought it looked like something you'd use to upholster a sofa in 1966 so I knew you'd love it."

"You know me well, bitch."

Then we wandered around Target and longed for pretty things. We decided that we both want to go out for Pitt's PhD program together and our New Years resolution will be to help one another meet the Fall 2012 deadline next December.

Now, I'm helping my brother kill the remainder of the New Years Eve booze, working on my challenge fic, and watching JJ Abrams' Star Trek (it's so shiny).

As you were.

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