Saturday, December 11th, 2010

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I have to re-watch 6.11 because I knew I would have to be drunk to handle it, but I pre-gamed too hard during Smallville and woke up this morning with the realization that I only remember vague bits and pieces of the plot, like Dean had ANGST and Sam was being difficult, both of which are featured plot points in 99.9% of episodes. I love Show.

I'm also thrilled that Supernatural follows Smallville on the schedule rather than The Vampire Diaries this year because I could never get into TVD. However, I've come to love watching Smallville because from a comic aficionado's standpoint, it's a total trainwreck. Also? Tom Welling is clearly bored out of his mind. I know, I know it's a re-imagining of the Superman mythos. I know it's an alternate universe. I still think the writers missed the whole point of Superman at some point though. I watched the first season way back when and I liked it, so part of me thinks that the show just ran for too long. That makes me sad and it makes me worry for Supernatural and, to an extent, Chuck (no, I'm still not feeling season 4) because I don't want them to become tired mockeries of their formerly grand selves.

Adulthood is coming along. I'm working "for real" now. Training wrapped up on Thursday which is fabulous because driving into the city everyday got old real fast. The trainer sent a glowing email to my manager. Apparently, not only did I finish taking the final exam a good twenty minutes before everyone else, I also got the highest score. I hope this translates to more hours, but I doubt it. I've decided not to pick up extra hours at the Donut Hole. I stopped in and told them I quit "for realz" and they were pissed, but Owen encouraged looking somewhere else for a supplemental income because he said I've been noticeably happier since I left the place. I'm thinking I'll wait until the holidays are over, then apply at Best Buy, Old Navy, and Target. I really just need something on the weekends until I make full-time at the bank.

And going in the opposite direction of neurotic list-addicted adulthood, I'm hitting up a party at IUP this evening, mostly because the invite made me laugh until I peed:

When: Dec. 11

Where: Den of Sin

Dear trainwrecks, reprobates, "artists," and wannabe anarchists,

I missed homecoming due to a long fucking drive and a pile of research. However, the beer Gods have shined on us and I will be home before IUP lets out. DRINK.

Open invite. I don't care who shows as long as I get to touch all of your faces.

BYOB. I'm too poor to fuel your bad decisions.

My friends are a special group of people. And yes, Den of Sin is the name that was bestowed upon the apartment where this will be held. It was named as such because, well, let's just say that I have turned down repeated invites to "crash on the sofa" because I've seen what sinning has happened on said sofa. I won't even sit on it until I've finished my bottle of chardonnay.

I hope you've all had a lovely week! I'm still catching up on my f-list. Being a grown up is very time consuming.

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