Friday, October 1st, 2010

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Work sucked. Tonight very rapidly became a Beer and Bubble Bath post-work affair. Beer and Bubble Bath turned into Beer, Pie, and Supernatural.  

I LOLed at "Skin." I've actually been to St. Louis since the fist time I saw this episode and now I can't help but sit here the whole time thinking about how much it doesn't look like St. Louis at all (OH HI, VANCOUVER, HI!)

Other observations:

1. I miss Season 1 Dean. Possibly more than I miss Season 1 Sammich. 

2A. Damn, that's a really nice sorority house in "Hookman." All the houses I partied in during college were holes. Maybe I went to the wrong college? 

2B. Self, you have two degrees and you wash dishes at a diner. You totally went to the wrong college. Or picked the wrong major. Probably both. 

2C. Whatever. College was a blast. 

2D. That attitude right there? That's why you're a dishwasher. 

2E. STFU. 

3. Dear GOD, Jensen Ackles is pretty. 

4. I totally used to have the same laptop as Season 1 Winchesters. It was a good laptop. I ended up packing it in the same bag as a bottle of shampoo (IDK brain fart?) and said shampoo exploded and ruined the screen. At that point, the lappy was four years old, so I just got a new one rather than repair the screen. Now, every time I see the old laptop, I squee. 

5A. The music is SO GOOD.

5B. When I was a kid, I always watched random reruns on TV with my dad. Starsky & Hutch, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Miami Vice, mostly (he instilled an appreciation for the classics that lasts to this day. When I went to Jesus Camp, I made him videotape [yes, on VHS, we're talkin' 90s here] all the episodes of S&H that I would miss. I have all four seasons of Starsky & Hutch on DVD. I still think of it as "our" show). What do these things have in common? Two badass leads and a sweet car. With that in mind, I really think my dad would have enjoyed Supernatural. 

5. "Hey, Brother!" Season 1 Dean is the most precious human being ever. 

And I call myself a Sam Girl.


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 I'm'm just gonna leave this here. 

And despite all the pretty, I can't help but be distracted by the single green apple in that basket. I'm pretty sure apple trees don't work that way. 

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