Sunday, September 19th, 2010

radiumgirl: (snuggles the demon bear)
 Last night, I got nostalgic for wee 'lil season one Winchesters. 

Aww. Lookit 'em. No deals. No apocalypse. No Samifer (though I do love me some Samifer). 

There were LULZ! And Dean wasn't an alcoholic! And, (and this might be the pumpkin ale talking) and I was really enjoying alot of the music . Particularly Blue Oyster Cult and Ozzy. 

Now, this isn't a bash on later seasons. Alot of people dislike Three because of the angsty angst that ANGSTS all over the AAAAAAANGST but I'll frolic merrily through it. I even like Bela. And I like Five and the apocalypse storyline and the existence of the angels doesn't piss me off (although I really worry about Castiel becoming some sort of weekly deus ex machina, especially now that he's all re-charged and super-speshul again) and I'm seriously stoked for Six and creepy!sam and I'm sincerely pulling for some unhinged!sam and maybe some batshitcrazy!sam but re-watching a good chunk of One really hit the nostalgia button. 

It's a little sad too, when you know what's looming in the boys' future. 

So I watched Hell House, Something Wicked, Provenance, and Dead Mans Blood and I was like "AWW MY PRESHUS BEBES!" the whooooole time. Also, this:

Dean: People believe in Santa Claus. How come I’m not gettin’ hooked up every Christmas?
Sam: Because you’re a bad person.

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