Monday, August 30th, 2010

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 Not much to report from the front. I still haven't heard back from ShinyPants Inc. Adventureland is closed until Saturday, but I have a shift at the Expensive Department Store tonight and some training at Denny's Donuts tomorrow for that dishwashing gig. 

Yup. This is what my masters degree in education is good for. 

We had a minor breakdown over that fact this weekend at a going away dinner for one of my friends at Adventureland. It seemed like everyone who was leaving was going off to do great (or at least interesting) things and I was stuck here, plugging away at yet another dead-end job. Why? I don't know why. Yeah, I dicked around in college. But I still graduated with honors. Twice. Undergrad and grad. I volunteered and I've been published in international publication. My resume isn't mind-blowingly amazing, but it's pretty good. 

So after listening to this kid I went to high school with wax poetic about his awesome new job, a kid who was pretty much renowned as a giant fuck-up in high school, I went home and finished the bottle of Burnetts I had stashed in the closet. 

The next day, my old room mate, Chrissy, came over and we had a ladies night: boxed wine, Supernatural, and True Blood. This is a tradition from as far back as when we decided we didn't hate each other after all. We usually do chick flicks, but we were feeling extra geeky, and not really in the mood to cry since the state of our own lives make us cry already. And I've been nagging her to watch Supernatural forever. And she's been nagging me to stop being an ass and give True Blood a try. And fine, True Blood doesn't completely suck. 

I still don't understand the appeal of vampires though.  

Back to Fandom

Monday, August 30th, 2010 10:58 am
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 During the Ladies Night geeky sleepover + wine event, I also came to the conclusion that I want to get back into fandom. Or rather, become more active in fandom again. When I was in high school, and in the beginning of undergrad, I was pretty involved. I wrote fic. I posted to communities. I was pretty social. And it was nice. I miss staying up til the wee hours of morning talking to people who could be on the other side of the country who were just as stoked about Batman or Gundam Wing or The Invisible Man as I was. 

HEY. No judging my former fandoms! 

And then...I don't know what happened, but I just stopped. And I miss it. So I'm working on a fic for the Oh Sam Anniversary comment meme.

Here's to a bright new fandom future.
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Nothing, actually. But today was the first day of class for my brother and my roommate and since I don't have to be at work at the Expensive Department Store until six, I basically roamed the apartment, reveling in how much room I now have for activities. And by "roam the apartment" I mean I sat on my butt eating Chinese take-out, played with the cat, and watched me some season 4 of Supernatural, because I tend to neglect that season sometimes and then feel bad about it. 

I'm thinking of making one of those paper chains to count down until the season premiere.

I'm also thinking of kicking back to some "Swan Song" with the rest of the Ladies Night wine after work this evening. 

Welcome to the rest of your life, self. 

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