Friday, August 20th, 2010

radiumgirl: (batgirl)
I had my first training at the Expensive Department Store today. There were things that sounded totally awesome and things that sounded totally suckass. Welcome to retail. The Perfume Palace was the same way. They had the same all black dress code too. Ugh. 

Seriously people, I was done with my goth phase by 10th grade. And while that was a glorious phase, complete with excessive eyeliner, deliberately ripped tights, and lots of skulls and corsets; I've moved on.  I want colors and patterns and an excuse to wear my red satin pumps. Head-to-toe black makes me feel like I'm going to a funeral. Or a heist. 

Maybe I should just start thinking of it as going to a heist.

Whatever. After training, I wandered around the mall looking for reasonable "grown up" attire because I never feel like I have enough (or rather, enough that isn't black) and while Owen and I still plan to frolic around J-town on Sunday, we realized that pretty much everything closes at 5. So. 

I got a vest in NY and Co. Yes, a vest. I take my corporate fashion cues from Neal Caffrey thank you very much.


Just look at this GQ Motherfucker. 


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