Thursday, August 19th, 2010

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Today's technical interview went swimmingly and I have another interview (in person this time!) next week at The Awesome Job That I REALLY REALLY Want. So, I'm getting my hair cut tonight because it's out of control and on Sunday I'm going businesswear shopping with Owen because he's better at choosing that sort of thing than I am. 

And for now, I wait. I feel alot better this time around though. My interviewer was so friendly. She asked if I was concerned about the travelling demands and I said, "Honestly, the opportunity to travel so extensively is what initially drew me to the position."

"Well that's great! Have you traveled internationally before?"

"Um." I literally blushed over the phone, "I went to Toronto in high school. That's all I've got." 

My trailer park roots tend to sizzle and burn during interviews. I always feel like I should justify my efforts to even speak to these people by pointing out that I know how to eat with chopsticks and I like tofu and even though I don't understand what is so special about Gucci purses, I'm willing to learn. 

"That's okay! We like to start you with easy trips in the beginning anyway. Like Spain or France."

That's right. Spain or France equals "easy trip." I'm so out of my league. 

But then we bonded over the fact that she worked at Adventureland's sister park when she was in college and I felt better. 
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 I love Eleven. I do. I'm absolutely enamored with Matt Smith and Amy Pond is a fun companion and Rory is honestly the first boyfriend!companion that I don't want to see exterminated by a Dalek. (sorry, Mickey)

But I think I'm finally understanding the concept of "missing" a doctor. Nine was my first and I was sad to see him go, but Ten burst onto the scene with so much energy and quirkiness ("The Christmas Invasion" is totally my favorite special ever) and David Tennant is pretty much brilliant, so while I missed Christopher Eccleston, I didn't sob over him. 

And then, in the end, Ten was so messed up in the head that he was probably going to melt the universe if he didn't regenerate pronto, but his exit was still heartbreaking and sad and yes, I bawled, okay? 

So now we have Eleven and like I said, I love Eleven. But I miss Ten. I miss Ten the way I miss Sammich Winchester's season 1 bangs...except with more actual moping and less gazing wistfully at my tumbler's dashboard. 

Whatever. Here. Let's mourn our dear dead Doctors together. 

No, I did not make it. Alas, I am not a vidder, merely a collector. 

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