Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

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 I've been rocking a migraine since this morning, so the day went like this:
  1. Wake up at 8:30. Note the stabbing pain behind my eye. Groan with the realization that the day is already over. Go back to sleep.
  2. Wake up at 11am to my brother kicking my bed, "Are you taking me to work or not?"
  3. Reluctantly stop at Kwik-Fill on the way to Adventureland for ginger ale. 
  4. Return from Adventureland. Pop Excedrin. Sleep til 1. 
  5. Attempt to eat soup.
  6. Fail.
  7. Sleep til 3:30.
  8. Realize I smell and not like roses. Realize I can move out of bed-- slowly.
  9. Take bubble bath/ watch Supernatural DVDs on the laptop. ("In the Beginning" because Dean Winchester is going to hell...again.)
  10. Laptop begins to have a seizure because it's an overheating piece of crap.
  11. Back to bed. Sleep til 6.
  12. Pop more Excedrin. Note that stabbing pain has receded to dull throb.
  13. Eat pot pie.
  14. Don't throw up.
  15. SUCCESS.
So, after a six hour offensive and several retreats, I'm claiming a victory. 

Also, despite yesterday's perceived EPIC FAIL phone interview, I actually got a rather nice email from That Job That I Desperately Want Because it Sounds TOTALLY AWESOME and Will Send me All Over the World for Half the Year and it said that my information has been passed on to the higher-level supervisors and I should hear back in two weeks or so if they want a face-to-face interview.

I still applied for a dishwashing gig at Denny's though.

Gotta pay the bills somehow until a job that actually utilizes my FREAKING MASTERS DEGREE opens up. 
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 I applied for a server job at Denny's. After spending the past two months filling out huge applications, writing cover letters, and tweaking my resume before every mailing...it was almost a relief to just type in my name, phone number, address; and click "submit."

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